Vacanceselect Reisen GmbH

The Vacanceselect Reisen GmbH and The Reach Group GmbH control capacity utilisation by an automated availability check with the aid of a feed-based integration of product priorities and thus increases sales by 20% as well as conversion rate by 20 % and capacity utilisation by 26 %.

Across Europe, travel company Vacanceselect Reisen GmbH rents out family-friendly glamping sites (glamping = glamorous camping) and holiday homes. The company exemplifies extraordinary customer service and is known to carefully select its travel destinations. Users describe the booking process as straightforward, fast and safe.

As a result of a Google AdWords campaign, Vacanceselect had been generating new bookings on a daily basis. Especially the most popular campsites had been fully booked very quickly. Other camping sites were left with zero bookings. What the campaigns were lacking was information in real-time on which camping sites had free capacities and which did not. In addition to that, the lack of booking information prevented achieving an even utilisation of all camping sites.

Two objectives should be achieved: Firstly keywords should only be bookable, when the respective camping sites had free capacities. Secondly all campsites should be equally utilised. These two objectives should be achieved by an automated availability check with the aid of a feed-based integration of product priorities.

For this purpose Vacanceselect assigns priories on the basis of campsite-capacities.  The higher the number of generated bookings of a specific camping site, the lower its priority.

There are many ideas and requirements in our daily business. Through expert advice and outstanding technical realisation The Reach Group ensures the success of our SEA campaigns. The integration of camping site-priorities has increased the utilisation of our camping sites as well as the turnover enormously.

Klaus Schneider, Managing Director Vacanceselect Reisen GmbH

Vacanceselect stores information on the respective priorities in a data feed. To automatically and in real-time retrieve the relevant information from the data feed, The Reach Group developed a software solution in the form of a feed tool.

On the basis of the information provided by the data feed, the feed tool helped create labels on keyword-level in Google AdWords. Classic bid management tools do not allow such definitions of labels with corresponding priorities.

Automated AdWords rules help us access label-information and check whether or not the current position of the ad corresponds with its priority. When a high-priority keyword is not placed accordingly, the automated AdWords rule will raise the bid. Likewise, for low-priority keywords, the bid will either be lowered or the ads will simply not be displayed.

Finally the solution described above could be implemented within only a few days. This approach made sure keywords were only bookable when the respective camping sites, too, were bookable. Moreover we achieved the goal of equally utilising all camping sites. Following these adjustments capacity utilisation could be increased by 26 % as well as the conversion rate by 20%.

About Vacanceselect Reisen GmbH

  • Establishment in 1984 by Loek van de Loo
  • International travel agent under the umbrella of the Vacanceselect International AG


  • Advertisement of camping sites only when available
  • Even utilisation of all camping sites


Creating labels on the basis of capacities and linking these with automated AdWords rules.


  • Booking of camping sites solely when there were free capacities
  • Even utilisation of all camping sites
  • Turnover: +20 %
  • Conversion rate: +20 %
  • Capacity utilization: +26 %


  • SEMY Award 2016 for best SEA-Campaign