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User Centered Marketing Lifecycle

A consistent focus on the user makes digital communication more efficient and effective. It is the key to a successful marketing concept. Building on this conviction, the Reach Group developed the concept of the User Centered Marketing Lifecycle (UCML), which entails the creation of marketing campaigns that are conceived with the user squarely in focus. UCML differs significantly from other marketing concepts in that it is not based on established channel limits, unilaterally formulated revenue goals, budget targets or poorly defined target groups. It instead focuses on the individual needs of users along their entire customer journey, regardless of the touchpoint at which they find themselves or which channel or device they are using.

Using UCML, the Reach Group operates within an iterative process, developing the ideal marketing strategy based on the user’s needs and continually improving it.


Banner Blindness

Users are exposed to as many as 3,000 ads on the internet each day – an overpenetration that leads to lower rates of interaction. Ensuring that advertising gets noticed, gaining new customers and making certain that a connection is established between existing customers and the brand in question requires that users be addressed individually. As such, the key to designing online advertising campaigns is not loudness and quantity, but acceptance and quality. UCML is therefore not focused on reaching as many users as possible – it's far more important to reach the rights users at the right time on the right channel and device. Advertisers who adapt to this environment gain a true competitive advantage.



To ensure a successful marketing campaign, it is necessary to link several factors, including reach, the type of end device and data intelligence. In addition to Facebook and Google, there are many more opportunities for obtaining reach that enable individual users to be directly targeted. Relying on our years of experience, we use UCML to bundle channel- and device-independent reaches, including everything from affiliate partners and direct partnerships to programmatic advertising and social media. Intelligent deployment allows us to conceive the right online advertising measures for the marketing strategy and brand identity in question. We are happy to advise our customers on the methods available in our range of products that might be best suited to them. We have combined our offerings into three product areas: Performance Marketing, Media & Brand and Relations.



The intelligent use of data is key to the success of any online marketing effort. UCML includes both offsite and onsite data in addition to data from web analysis systems. We strictly adhere to existing EU/EC data privacy laws during the execution of our campaigns. All data collected using our technologies is depersonalized prior to storage and processing.



Using UCML, we model all data and insights collected within an iterative process to determine the ideal, customized marketing strategy. We optimize that strategy in accordance with user behavior and adjust it to the user's needs, and we conduct audience- and data-driven target group analysis (persona modelling) and, in doing so, continually improve KPIs in the form of visits, CTRs or CR.


Audience Tag

Thanks to our proprietary Audience Tag, we are easily able to deploy UCML imperatives for our customers. Each customer receives a tag specially created by us to address that customer's unique needs and wishes. The tag, programmed in-house, is then embedded into the website's source code. In contrast to classic retargeting pixels, the Audience Tag must only be embedded a single time, thus keeping technological complexity to a minimum for our customers. We carry out all further optimization and maintenance work. The Audience Tag allows us to track the user intelligently and, once implemented, to capture diverse information from the website and regulate a variety of measures on an individual basis.