Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Intelligent content strategies for your ranking

Search machines remain the most important entryway to the online world for the vast majority of Internet users. Either at their desks or using their mobile devices, they search for information, shopping opportunities or entertainment. Search engine optimization (SEO) reaches potential customers primarily in the “Awareness Stage,” the moment when they start looking for initial information on an offer, either on their own initiative or due to external motivations. For that reason, a good ranking for the decisive search terms plays a central role in online marketing strategies.


Understanding and reaching target groups


Knowledge of the needs of your target group is the most important factor for a successful SEO strategy and indispensable for effectively presenting optimal content. There is no off-the-shelf solution: From keywords, content and analysis of the online environment to off-page optimization and a balanced competition analysis, a perfect presentation of the advertiser’s offerings in form and content is vital.


The right concept


The Reach Group offers penetrating analysis, intelligent persona modeling and creative content in addition to the technical know-how and reliable project management necessary for a successful SEO campaign. Using the “User Centered Marketing Lifecycle” (UCML) method, SEO consultants create user- centered keyword and content strategies. Using intelligent persona modeling, The Reach Group helps clients understand their target groups and create content specifically designed for their needs. Targeted content seeding across various channels, from social media to relevant blogs and other multipliers, help you reach new customers and potential buyers.

Your contact person

Gustav Kemter, Director Consulting & Optimization

Gustav Kemter
Director Consulting & Optimization

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Both technical and social skills are required for successful SEO. To improve ranking, we look at where and for what people search and what their information needs are. Only content that really helps users has a positive SEO effect.

Gustav Kemter

Moving ahead together


Editors, technicians, product managers and PR agencies: The Reach Group actively involves advertisers in campaign design and implementation. Practical workshops ensure that companies place sufficient value in SEO in the long term and they are complemented by continual monitoring of and reporting on all important key indicators pertaining to visibility and reach. Rapidly responding to search engine updates is an important element in SEO consulting for The Reach Group, as is the continual development and creation of content that your target group finds appealing and persuasive.

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