Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Strategic SEO consulting for long-term success

Search engine optimization (SEO) offers companies a cost effective and sustainable method for reaching new customers. Our experienced consultants are experts in strategic search engine optimization and help you experience lasting SEO success. Every day, we help domestic and international firms integrate targeted and transparent search engine optimization measures into their company’s daily routines.

Search engines provide orientation and answers to a majority of Internet users and offer companies the ability to engage in targeted and timely interactions with potential target groups. Search engine optimization is considered an important tool in Online Marketing and is characterized by its uniquely sustainable and effective methods. The optimal positioning among top search results, after all, generates attention for companies, ensures visitors to their website and concurrently assists in the meeting of business- and market-oriented goals.

  • Competence: Sustainable and comprehensive search engine optimization by our expert team with its extensive experience in both domestic and international SEO
  • Comprehensive Service: Custom design and embedding in your Online Marketing Strategy in addition to personal guidance from a Senior Consultant
  • Consulting: Strategic SEO consulting, operative SEO guidance, workshops and seminars
  • Audits: Initial potential analysis in addition to separate technical, content and off-page analyses
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Professional analysis tools and established analytic processes
  • Transparency: Individual performance reporting and monitoring in addition to regular dialogue
  • Cross-Media Conception: SEA keyword strategy

Strategic SEO consulting


Together with you, we develop a strategic foundation, which will become your custom SEO strategy for long-term corporate success. We employ proven processes that are the product of our years of experience and expertise.


SEO audits and analysis


We analyze either your entire existing SEO strategy or just individual aspects thereof, thus providing you with an objective external view of your current search machine optimization. The goal of such an analysis is to quickly identify concrete solutions and to reveal and take advantage of your website’s unused potential.


Workshops and seminars


We share our expert knowledge with you and are happy to train individual employees or entire teams. Our team communicates its know-how in workshops, seminars or on an individual basis to IT departments, editorial staff and online marketing teams.


Operative SEO guidance


We assist your company in the operative application of all SEO measures. Your personal contact person offers consultation, assistance or implementation in accordance with your needs and desires. In addition to strategic search engine optimization, our core competencies include: technical SEO, content audits, text production, image and video optimization, local SEO, news optimization and content marketing.

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Gustav Kemter
Director Consulting & Optimization

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Our SEO consulting process


The starting point for our approach is the definition of targets. As part of a joint kick-off, we translate your aims and aspirations into comprehensible and measureable goals.

We then conduct an initial evaluation of your website or domain by way of potential analysis. This includes a more precise examination of the competition, target group-specific search terms and an analysis of your website on the basis of technical and contextual SEO criteria.

On the basis of our findings, we will develop a purposeful strategy for on-page and off-page optimization. All recommended measures will be included in an SEO roadmap and discussed with you.

We then implement those measures chosen and you will enjoy constant access to your personal contact person. The benchmarks identified in the SEO strategy will be regularly discussed and evaluated.

The process is concluded with an evaluation of the performance reporting and monitoring systems established specifically for your campaign. The targets defined at the beginning of the campaign are used as benchmarks to determine the effectiveness of the measures implemented.

User Centered Marketing Lifecycle

The Reach Group’s goal is to make digital communication more efficient and effective. The core of this strategy is a steady focus on the end customer. Advertising methods dynamically address the personal needs of the consumer within the customer journey while taking into account current data protection regulations. The process starts at the first moment of contact with a brand, continues throughout the purchase decision process and goes beyond to the establishment of long-term brand loyalty.