Remarketing with a focus on the user

The use of Retargeting technology in performance marketing makes it easier for you to reconnect with potential customers. In classic retargeting, users are shown products they have viewed on your website. Our user-centered retargeting goes beyond the classic approach to conform to the customer’s needs. Through the intelligent application of parameters such as frequency capping and behavioral targeting, it becomes possible for you to infer interests, segment users and interact with them in the relevant phase of the customer journey. We are thus able to optimize your ads and serve them with the highest possible relevance such that users are shown personalized advertisements that really interest them.

User-centered Retargeting takes advantage of data-driven online marketing, which currently offers advertisers enormous, unused potential by placing the focus on the user’s motivations and needs. That enables you to transform potential buyers into customers and customers into fans. Through dedicated KPI optimization, campaign performance and ROI will be increased.

  • Cross-media optimization: data-driven, cross-channel optimization
  • Reach bundling: placement on top AGOF pages, Facebook Retargeting and Google Remarketing
  • Proprietary technology: application of in-house ad-server technologies with thousands of categorized websites and our own optimization algorithms
  • User-centered delivery: consideration of entire customer journey and not just in-shop behavior
  • Performance-oriented delivery: focus on CPO
  • Transparency: presentation of optimization and reach
  • High-level security and quality: adherence to frequency capping and retargeting data protection rules; application of proprietary fraud-control technologies and visibility tracking
  • Comprehensive service: custom production of premium-quality banners consistent with your corporate design; resource conservation by way of simple technical integration; and ongoing optimization, guidance and customer service
  • Competence: over 10 years of experience with display advertising

Data-driven optimization of user profiles


Our technology sketches a detailed image of each individual visitor to your website and analyzes where on the customer journey they are at the time of contact. Users leave traces on their customer journey that you can take advantage of to optimize your Retargeting campaign. For effective campaign delivery, more than just a potential user’s behavior on your website is relevant, which is why we analyze both offsite and onsite data. Detailed profile data makes a customized, effective interaction with each user possible. If, for example, a user looks at a product and perhaps even places it in his shopping cart but still doesn’t complete the purchase, he will receive information about the product and shop benefits at a relatively high frequency. Should a profile indicate a female user who is momentarily interested in products for men, short-term measures will focus on a purchase decision in the men’s segment whereas the long-term strategy will focus on women’s articles. User-oriented interactions combined with reasonable frequency capping creates trust and ultimately leads to qualitative, high-value sales. We translate this knowledge for you into intelligent advertisements and deliver them across channels.


High-value reach combined with innovative technology


To ensure the maximum efficiency of your Retargeting campaign, we take advantage of our own performance network, through which thousands of high-value websites across Europe are served. In addition, you have the opportunity to deploy cross-channel display advertising, harnessing the reach offered by social media, search, email and mobile. The use of optimized purchasing allows us to ensure a cost-effective and efficient interaction with each of your target groups. To save resources, we integrate a one-off code into your website which collects and analyzes all information that has been made available. With the help of our proprietary audience tags, we can then collect relevant information about your users, allowing us to translate your customers’ needs into intelligent advertising messages. Because the audience tag only needs to be embedded a single time, we can undertake later technical adjustments without having to take up any of your company resources.

With our focus on protecting your brand, we develop advertisements in accordance with your design parameters and serve them to serious sites. The collection and processing of sensitive customer data is done exclusively in accordance with EU laws and our servers are operated from Germany. Our ad serving technology is equipped with the latest brand safety and fraud control systems and automatically monitors factors such as ecosystem quality, visibility and others.

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Holistic approach to customer service


Prior to all of our retargeting campaigns, we conduct meticulous analysis and planning, during which we take a close look at your existing website. On the basis of our findings, we offer detailed guidance and develop expedient strategies in addition to offering potential optimization measures, which always include appropriate attribution solutions. Our online marketing managers have extensive experience, which is applied to joint strategy development resulting in targeted measures for improved performance. Through transparent performance monitoring in addition to information regarding placement and reach, you are able to keep close track of your campaign.

User Centered Marketing Lifecycle

The Reach Group’s goal is to make digital communication more efficient and effective. The core of this strategy is a steady focus on the end customer. Advertising methods dynamically address the personal needs of the consumer within the customer journey while taking into account current data protection regulations. The process starts at the first moment of contact with a brand, continues throughout the purchase decision process and goes beyond to the establishment of long-term brand loyalty.