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Data-driven display advertising

In a digital world, display marketing is not only a reliable performer when it comes to unlocking new demand potential, it also plays a significant role in the development of brand recognition. User-centered standard and native advertising form the basis of display campaigns. Our innovative tracking technology and continual analysis of behavioral data in addition to user-specific traits allow for the targeted delivery of your advertising campaign. That means that the primary recipients of your advertising message are those users who are statistically most likely to make a purchase. With our centrally administered performance network, we create a balance between awareness and response for your brand in target-oriented media ecosystems. Content display ads combined with performance-based post-view tracking make conversions trackable and facilitate the continuous improvement of relevant KPIs. Classic display marketing thus becomes a new type of data-driven marketing: Performance Display.

User-centered Performance Display campaigns generate enormous reach. With limited organizational effort, you can achieve a wide variety of goals, including increased user engagement and brand recognition, generation of leads and conversions, strengthening of brand trust and customer loyalty, and lead and traffic generation during sales promotions, providing a complementary measure to TV, print and additional online campaigns.

  • User-centered advertising: multi-dimensional, data-driven interaction with users along the entire sales funnel
  • Measurable target attainment: minimized scatter loss and increased conversion rates via improved targeting and tracking
  • Premium reach: thousands of high-value websites across Europe bundled into a single performance network
  • Positive brand awareness: voluntary advertising media consumption through unobtrusive content display formats
  • Low cost risks: Performance based billing options based on CPO, CPL, CPM, CPC or hybrid systems
  • Brand protection: Adherence to all EU/EC data privacy laws along with comprehensive brand protection measures
  • Comprehensive service: Ad optimization methods, A/B testing, campaign management, reporting and customized ad development

Broad reach and innovative technology


Our performance network bundles the media performance of thousands of premium websites, marketers and publishers, providing us with maximum reach for your advertising campaign across Europe. The post-view technology we use transforms classic display marketing into data-driven Performance Marketing. The rich data pertaining to the user and his needs allows us to focus completely on users.

Data-driven display marketing is an important element of the “User Centered Marketing Lifecycle” (UCML). This method, which we developed in house, allows us to focus at all times on precisely defined target groups with conversion potential, which means we can create a precise profile for your Performance Display campaign by using our own “Machine Learning Algorithm”. The data collected by the algorithm is anonymously summarized and statistically analyzed, allowing us to continuously optimize your campaign in accordance with the goals identified within the customer journey. Optimization factors include websites that have already been visited, times of day and weekly developments in addition to technical data such as country, browser language, etc. — all of which are analyzed in accordance with your goals, such as sales generation. Websites that underperform despite generating a large number of clicks are winnowed out. We are able to identify a unique and dynamic eCPM for each individual consumer within the defined target group at any time. The result is newly unlocked demand potential — effective and measurable.

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A pefrormance-based model for measuring your advertising effiency


Many Internet users feel that online advertising is too intrusive, which is why our content display ads are designed to seamlessly match website content. We are thus able to unobtrusively create a positive perception of your brand and a conscious perception of your ad. As a result, more users see, read and click on your ad and, more importantly, your conversions rise. Often, the sole instrument used for measuring ad performance is clicks, but this method is one-dimensional and does not provide the full picture. Clicks became the standard method for measuring target achievement years ago, but that was primarily because they were easy to count, not because they provided results. Studies have shown that over 85 percent of all recorded clicks are generated by just 8 percent of the population. At the same time, 90 percent of all visits to the websites of companies that have placed ads come from non-clickers. It is thus crucial to take other factors into consideration in determining the success of your advertising campaign. By way of customer journey analysis, the analysis of clicks as a measuring instrument will be augmented by data from display and Performance Display ads, because Performance Display campaigns in particular create new demand and reach that can lead to the achievement of defined goals and, ultimately, to sales. Because even without clicks, your ad is seen through mere visual exposure, which can also have a positive effect on brand promotion.

User Centered Marketing Lifecycle

The Reach Group’s goal is to make digital communication more efficient and effective. The core of this strategy is a steady focus on the end customer. Advertising methods dynamically address the personal needs of the consumer within the customer journey while taking into account current data protection regulations. The process starts at the first moment of contact with a brand, continues throughout the purchase decision process and goes beyond to the establishment of long-term brand loyalty.