Performance Marketing

We combine users, data and reach

With our Below-the-Line performance marketing solutions, the response of your target audience is the primary focus. The Reach Group will help you gain significant and lasting results, transactions and customers across all channels targeted.

Performance Display

Reach campaign with performance-based accounting

The Reach Group combines the two worlds of branding and performance marketing. Our innovative tracking technologies make it possible to carry out performance based advertising with extensive reach.

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Effective reconnection with new or existing customers

How do you get customers to move from the consideration phase to the purchase phase, to reconsider a decision not to purchase or to make another visit to your website

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Affiliate Marketing

Efficient marketing with strong partners

Our insights provide you with the publisher network that is right for you to achieve lasting digital sales success. For more new customers, greater turnover and higher traffic — with maximum performance orientation and transparency. As a leading affiliate marketing agency, we know the keys to success.

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Targeted and meaningful advertisements

Web searches are important starting points on the Customer Journey. Our experienced staff and intelligent SEMSUITE technology ensure better performance for your marketing, from the planning stages to optimizing to reporting.

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Permission Marketing

Receive inquiries and potential buyers

The Reach Group is at your side throughout the entire process of generating leads: From the design of the landing page and advertising material via the storage and validation of data to ad placement with a selected partner from our network.