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Social Media Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Co.

Social media platforms like Facebook, which has over 1 billion users, are the media drivers of Web 2.0. They don’t just influence the media behavior of Internet users, they are a significant determining factor. Social media platforms intensify the dialogue between you and your customers, allowing you to lastingly improve your online marketing communication. Our experts can help you realize this potential and professionally integrate Social Media Advertising into your online marketing mix, providing you with a decisive competitive advantage. Social media is more than just a YouTube channel or a Facebook fan page and should therefore be professionally integrated into your media strategy. It is important to understand social media as a dialogue with potential customers, established customers, critics, fans and followers.

Social networks and services, Facebook and Twitter first and foremost, make possible a more precise interaction with your target group than almost any other marketing method. At the same time, social media platforms offer extensive reach and numerous touch points along the entire customer journey. These two factors combine to create enormous potential for brand development, long-term customer acquisition and customer loyalty and are thus able to help you improve performance.

  • Integrated approach: integration into your online marketing media plan
  • Data-driven user segmentation: application of intelligent targeting methods to reach your target group
  • Cross-media strategies: campaign delivery to all devices
  • Detailed reporting: compilation of customized KPIs, continual monitoring and transparent reporting
  • Comprehensive service: support from a specialized online marketing consultant, advertisement optimization, A/B testing
  • Strategy expansion: application of accumulated user data to overall management of the online marketing campaign

Social Media Advertising – reach consumers in a targeted and customized fashion


The application of Social Media Advertising, such as an ad on Facebook, allows you to take advantage of first party data from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for interactions with your target group. This allows for user segmentation and the presentation of ads that precisely reflect the interests of a potential customer.

We meticulously exploit the detailed targeting possibilities offered by social media platforms and combine them with advertising content that is relevant to your target group. Through such intelligent realization, you can take full advantage of the strengths of each social media channel. These targeted interactions fundamentally change the value of your advertisements on social media platforms. With the appropriate delivery, users find advertisements more useful than annoying, which leads them to share such content with friends and to follow developments of your brand over the long term. That leads to an increase in your customer acquisition and repeat purchase rates.

Social Media Advertising can thus be seen as both a channel for initiating interaction and as a way to improve customer loyalty. Its interactivity provides you with new opportunities by pushing dialogue with the customer into the foreground. The goal is to trigger positive emotions and convey attractive offers.


KPIs adapted to your social media strategy


The use of appropriate KPIs, and thus the correct evaluation of success, is a prerequisite for the optimal tuning of your Social Media Advertising campaign. We ensure continual, consistent monitoring. Your campaign’s strategic orientation and its defined goals in addition to constant measuring and monitoring are essential for the perpetual improvement of your campaign and for its ultimate success. We are happy to provide our support throughout the entire value creation process. The analysis of a multitude of factors – including ad impressions, unique visitors, fans, click-through rates, interaction rates, length of stay and much more – allows us to document the effect of individual measures and to continually optimize them for you. Our online marketing managers have years of experience and extensive know-how, which enables them to correctly analyze the measure in question and recognize cause and effect. Depending on the objectives identified, we apply brand KPIs or performance KPIs, or a combination of the two.


Mobile social media


Users are increasingly using their smartphones to access Facebook, Twitter and Co. Mobile devices have thus become primary access points. Mobile marketing target groups are no longer limited to younger users: The smartphone market has long since penetrated all age groups. Smartphones have become our constant companions and thus present an opportunity to interact with consumers at all times and in all places. Content and communication within the framework of Social Media Advertising should thus be adapted for mobile devices to ensure attractive presentation. For optimal effectiveness, your messages to consumers should be catchy, surprising, light and creatively conceived.

In contrast to other forms of mobile advertising, mobile Social Media Advertising allows you to combine the precise targeting of your preferred customers with extensive reach.

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Cross-channel management within your social media strategy


Cross-media marketing is a highlight among online marketing trends. Reliable cross-channel tracking is made possible by clear user IDs in social media networks. It is thus possible for you to intelligently synchronize online and offline tactics, allowing for the creation of a comprehensive online marketing campaign. By way of cross-media marketing, the user is presented with a consistent image of your brand, which increases effectiveness and improves recall. That is a decisive competitive advantage in an increasingly saturated advertising world. By employing cross-channel management, you can accompany your customers along the entire customer journey and create a complete image out of the numerous and varied channels.

User Centered Marketing Lifecycle

The Reach Group’s goal is to make digital communication more efficient and effective. The core of this strategy is a steady focus on the end customer. Advertising methods dynamically address the personal needs of the consumer within the customer journey while taking into account current data protection regulations. The process starts at the first moment of contact with a brand, continues throughout the purchase decision process and goes beyond to the establishment of long-term brand loyalty.

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