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Within the universe of real-time advertising (RTA), Programmatic Advertising provides an excellent opportunity to establish a 1:1 relationship between your advertisement and the user addressed. Online marketing campaigns, after all, are only successful when they send the right message to consumers at the right time. Thanks to our automated media buying process, we are able to reach highly selective target groups for you in real time. To do so, we take advantage of the possibility within the programmatic media value chain to compare first party data, such as your CRM data, with anonymized second party data from cooperation partners and with information – checked for adherence to data protection laws – from third party providers, thus turning Big Data into relevant data. Our data specialists don’t just take care of media planning and purchasing for you, they create, collect, analyze and segment new data on your behalf. This process allows us to better interconnect the cookie-based world with the profile-based world. As a provider of real-time bidding, we don’t just ensure that your campaign attracts the attention you want, we also provide the greatest possible reach at the most competitive and transparent prices possible. We do so by way of permanent monitoring and through the use of detailed tuning possibilities in real time.

With its data-driven approach, Programmatic Advertising makes possible the development of comprehensive media, buying and product strategies. That means that the appropriate consumer for messages and products can be found in real time by way of display, mobile, social and video, depending on a user’s online situation. The advertising ecosystem becomes less important while the purposeful and effective interaction with the target group and individual user becomes paramount. For advertisers, this translates into less scatter loss and greater cost efficiency thanks to a dynamic media budget combined with smart data solutions and higher conversion rates.

  • User-centered advertising: multi-dimensional, data-driven user interaction along the entire sales funnel
  • Cost efficiency: less scatter loss through optimized targeting and automated media buying
  • Meta DSP: We reach over 80 percent of all European Internet users
  • Brand protection: adherence to all EU/EC data protection laws in addition to the comprehensive application of brand safety tools
  • Comprehensive service: ad-hoc data analysis, A/B testing, campaign management, reporting and custom ad design

Our experts: success born of years of experience


Along with inventory and technology, experienced experts are decisive for the success of your real-time advertising campaign. Our team of programmatic buying pioneers, which has managed campaigns both domestically and in 28 foreign countries since 2009, ensures that you achieve the best possible automated buying results. We provide guidance on campaign management, media buying and data analysis, from set-up and campaign planning to operative implementation and delivery to the subsequent optimization and analysis of your campaign. We conceive user-centered, real-time campaigns for you in accordance with our “User Centered Marketing Lifestyle” (UCML) approach, thus ensuring that you precisely meet your goals. From the web to mobile, video to social media, your perfectly coordinated ads reach the desired target group at the perfect moment.

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Strong partner and quality assurance in programmatic buying


As independent reach specialists, we work together with a wide variety of demand-side platforms, all relevant supply-side platforms and data management platforms for second or third party data to ensure cross-channel interaction with individual users. By working with these partners, we provide you a reach encompassing over 80 percent of all European Internet users. Regardless of the buying strategy employed – automated guaranteed (private deal), unreserved fixed rate (preferred deals), private auction or open auction – we guarantee you high ecosystem quality in addition to reach and campaign transparency. Through the application of market leading tools for content verification and fraud prevention, we systematically scan and evaluate digital ecosystems and advertisements in real time using pattern recognition and algorithms. That enables us to ensure that your brand is constantly placed in a secure environment.

User Centered Marketing Lifecycle

The Reach Group’s goal is to make digital communication more efficient and effective. The core of this strategy is a steady focus on the end customer. Advertising methods dynamically address the personal needs of the consumer within the customer journey while taking into account current data protection regulations. The process starts at the first moment of contact with a brand, continues throughout the purchase decision process and goes beyond to the establishment of long-term brand loyalty.

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