Digital market presence – maximal awareness

With our digital market presence solutions, we help you generate the largest amount of attention possible. Our offers extend from creation, planning and consulting in the field of display marketing to the carrying out and optimization of campaigns. The Reach Group offers you uncompromising effectivity.

Mediaplanning- & Buying

Media planning and activation, with volume discount

By creating intelligent media plans combined with high-volume purchases, we provide you with cost and performance advantages. We take care of the planning and activation of your campaign and can also provide interim management or neutral support for agencies and marketers, as needed.

Programmatic Advertising

The right target group in the right place

Environment- and audience-specific campaigns to support brand identity create interest and positively influence a customer’s purchasing decision. We provide expert planning and carry out your real-time advertising campaign on all channels available, regardless of a user’s location or the device used.

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Social Media Advertising

The right target group in the right place

Almost limitless reach and outstanding targeting possibilities: Social Media Advertising is the optimal playing field for User Centered Performance Marketing. The Reach Group provides you with the right technology and the necessary experience to achieve the optimum value from your advertising in all social media channels.

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Rich Media & Video

Screen advertising that inspires

With our offerings for the delivery of video messages or rich media content, we ensure your placement exactly where your target group can be reached. Nothing guarantees brand recognition like audio and video.


Classic and mobile native advertising

Our technology enables you to take advantage of the entire potential of mobile advertising, including app distribution, in-app advertising or classic display solutions. Mobile campaigns work differently than in the stationary web: With The Reach Group, you’ll hit your targets.