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The Reach Group is an online marketing service provider founded by way of a four-company merger in 2015 and offers cross-channel, user centered performance marketing along the entire Customer Journey. Campaigns for advertisers and agencies are optimized for all digital channels in accordance with detailed user models. Our product portfolio combines our core areas of performance marketing and relations with media and branding.

User Centered Performance Marketing


The Reach Group’s digital marketing expertise shows in the concept of User Centred Marketing Lifecycles. The focus on the user is what significantly sets this concept apart from other marketing measures. The latter all too often focus on limited marketing channels, narrow sales- and budget targets, as well as poorly defined target groups. Despite the fact that the focus should, from planning to realisation, remain on the consumer, respectively the user. User Centred Marketing Lifecycles have their origins in software development, where the so-called Usability Engineering Lifecycle describes the continuous development of products based on consumer needs and abilities.

The Reach Group has adapted this concept to use it for marketing purposes and thus established the User Centred Marketing Lifecycle. As part of this process marketing measures are continuously improved upon.

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